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10 reasons to rent a German mailing address through Dexport

If you want to expand your business horizons into the German market, it is essential to consider opening a German branch. However, setting up a physical location is quite an investment due to additional costs such as personnel and rent.

Fortunately, renting a German postal address offers an economical solution. Renting a single post office box is usually not the best choice, as you have to ensure that your postal address is registered with the German Trade Register as a branch office. Our German postal address can also be expanded with a return service, storage space and a German phone number if required. We can arrange this for you from A to Z. 

Here are ten advantages of renting a German mailing address:

  1. Improving the German Look & Feel
    Listing a German address, along with a local phone number, shows that you are targeting the German market.

  2. Increased Reliability
    Reliability is essential for German customers. A local address increases trust in your online store.

  3. Function as German Mailing Address
    Receive letter mail and official documents from consumers, companies and authorities.

  4. Offer a German Return Address
    Given the importance of returns in Germany, a local return address offers great value to our customers. When you streamline the process for German returns, the likelihood of negative reviews is significantly reduced.

  5. Requesting a Local Phone Number
    A local address is required for a German phone number.

  6. Opening a German Bank Account
    Should it not work out in the Netherlands, a local address is a must with German banks.

  7. Establishing a German Business
    A local address is essential for establishing business forms such as a GmbH. If you have a GmbH then you can also sell on OTTO. A GmbH is a requirement of the platform.

  8. Increase the Success Factor of Linkbuilding
    Local address is often a requirement for German online directories and press releases.

  9. Mention of Faster Delivery on Platforms like Amazon
    Important if you deliver from Germany.

  10. German address to your Google My Business profile
    Adding a German address to your Google My Business profile offers significant SEO benefits, especially if you are targeting the German market.

Moreover, when visitors see a local address and German phone number on your website, it reinforces the impression of local commitment and professionalism. Having a visible German profile on Google My Business, enriched with positive reviews, undeniably contributes to a strong and reliable image on the German market. In addition, the German address provides an extension option for establishing a GmbH, which also allows you to sell on platforms such as OTTO. In essence, all these elements strengthen the German consumer's trust and willingness to do business with you.

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