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Pushing boundaries together

About us

We are Dexport, your German marketing team in the heart of the Netherlands. Since 2006, Dexport has been the bridge between Dutch companies and the German online market. Our team, a unique blend of German natives who have chosen the Netherlands as their new home. Let's push boundaries and realize your international ambitions.

Together we are making strides in the German market. Every day, with passion and drive, we put our energy into brand development, with a view to growth. You strive for the ultimate potential of your brand, we strive to create impactful successes. Dexport stands for a synergy of creativity, strategy, design and technology. One agency, one cohesive team, with six unwavering promises you can always build on.

1. Market Knowledge

A deep understanding of the German market, based on years of experience with international leaders. We learn and grow together. 

2. Native marketers

We employ German native marketers who have traded their native country for the Netherlands. Each specialist has in-depth knowledge of their own specialty. 

3. Dedicated Team

We put together a complete team for you with the right specialists who work passionately on your brand.

4. Results-oriented

A focus on delivering measurable results and maximizing your Return On Investment (ROI).

5. Continuous Innovation

Stay on top of the latest trends, technologies and best practices in the online marketing world.

6. Personalized Approach

Every brand is unique, and we provide a customized strategy that fits your specific needs and ambitions.

More success in Germany?

Making a difference together

Our German native marketing specialists realize maximum results for you. Together we look for the next growth opportunities in Germany. 

About Dexport

Specialist since 2006

Dexport is the specialized agency with years of experience in the German market. With us, you get full service and the best German marketing team for your brand. 

More success in Germany?

We know where the opportunities are!

We would like to help you realize your ambitions. Push boundaries together?

Meet the team

The best German marketing team

With our team of German natives possessing all essential skills, we deliver a perfectly executed end-to-end service and assure our clients nothing less than the best for every stage of growth in the German market.