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Avoid fines and regulate your EPR & WEEE on time

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Whether you are a manufacturer, supplier or seller, you must have your EPR records in order in Germany. If you sell electronics then WEEE comes into play. If you don't arrange this, you risk a fine or even an export ban. How does that work? For example, if you sell products through a German webshop or marketplace such as Amazon, [...]

New VAT guidelines for crossborder webshops as of July 1, 2021

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Dexport found out: new EU directives regarding VAT. Web shop owners supplying goods and services to consumers outside the Netherlands and within the European Union (EU) can expect major changes regarding VAT under new EU directives. There is no final legislation in the Netherlands yet, but it is expected. When will you soon charge a foreign [...]

Addition imprint: important change for German websites

As of November 8, 2020, the German "Rundfunkstaatsvertrag (RStV)" has been replaced by the "Medienstaatsvertrag (MStV)." This equalizes the rules for broadcasting in Germany for all 16 states. This has direct impact for all websites targeting the German market, as it concerns broadcasting in the broad sense of the word. Do you produce as [...]

Temporary reduction in German VAT rate

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Google has long since stopped showing only paid ads and organic search results. Featured Snippets, for example, were created by Google to provide visitors with instant brief answers to a specific question within search results.

VerpackG: new packaging law in Germany

Packaging Act 1

New packaging legislation Germany as of Jan. 1, 2019. VerpackG requires all entrepreneurs, who put packaging first on the German market, to register so that packaging is recycled properly.

I am starting my webshop in Germany and I am taking ...

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I want to start in Germany but where should I start? That is the most frequently asked question we get from entrepreneurs and marketers who want to start Germany. The multitude of online marketing opportunities and website optimization techniques doesn't make it any easier either. We have already done (your) homework. Count your time savings ;-). In this article [...]

Important change in e-Commerce and webshop law Germany! Out-of-court mediation

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meet legal obligations. There is work to be done again this year. Online merchants are required to post more dispute resolution information on their websites. The European Commission has made available a platform for online dispute resolution (a so-called "OS platform"). This is to provide both consumers and merchants with the possibility of an online [...]

Be careful with your German like buttons

Facebook Like button on company websites violation of privacy according to court Düsseldorf

Facebook like button on company websites violation of privacy according to court Düsseldorf You have had unique content created for the German market, with the aim that it will be shared frequently via Facebook. Visitors to your website may already be able to achieve this with a single click, via a like button directly below the article. Well [...]

Information duties on Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) and Online Disputes Resolution (ODR)

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ADR Directive of 21-05-2013 on Alternative Resolution of Consumer Disputes for Sellers and Buyers created the possibility of having occurring difficulties and conflicts resolved outside national jurisdiction by a type of arbitration board. For online merchants, participation in such a resolution system is voluntary. This ADR directive had to be transposed into German law by 09-07-2015. Until now [...]