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5 tips for the perfect Black Friday landing page

BlackFriday landing

Google has long since stopped showing only paid ads and organic search results. Featured Snippets, for example, were created by Google to provide visitors with instant brief answers to a specific question within search results.

Link building for German web shops

Link building 1

How a logical internal link structure, earned media and influencer marketing creates more authority and reach. In addition to relevant content that matches the target audience's search queries and a website that technically meets the requirements of Google guidelines, authority in the form of relevant internal and external links (link building) is also needed for a well-developed SEO strategy in Germany.

Better findability and more conversions in Germany

Google marketing

In order to achieve your goals on the German market, it is important to work from the beginning on a findable website that converts. A perfectly matched SEO, AdWords campaign and conversion optimization leads to lower costs per conversion. But also to more organic visits and a good foundation that scales up [...]

With customer journey research, FerienparkSpecials reaches German vacationers

Bungalow Specials 003 1

A good neighbor is better than a distant friend. That proverb certainly applies to FerienparkSpecials in Germany. After all, how convenient is it to have a neighboring country that is so versatile that you have everything you need for a great vacation close at hand? BungalowSpecials decided several years ago with the concept of bungalow parks, think [...]

The 2017 Shop Usability Award

Blog 1 1 1

The Shop Usability Award 2017 The Shop Usability Award 2017 perfectly addresses this issue and took place for the tenth time this year. On June 22, the best webshops in Germany were awarded. The presentation of the Shop Usability Awards took place as part of The Future e-Commerce Conference in Berlin. The jury selected 714 [...]

The most important German SEO trends for 2017

Prepared for the key SEO trends of 2016

The most important German SEO trends for 2017... ...prepared into the new year! SEO is a very important and constantly changing component within the online marketing mix. Even though the goal of SEO fortunately always remains the same: to rank as high as possible in search engines. So can we actually still speak of trends within SEO? Yes, because Google [...]

Mobile commerce: opportunities for your webshop

mobile commerce 2015 & forecast 2016

Mobilegeddon 2 we have already indicated that the German population is using mobile Internet a lot. This development can also be seen in the field of e-commerce. A study by RetailMeNot shows that e-commerce sales are growing nicely in Germany. Especially shopping via smartphone is becoming increasingly popular. Here, compared to [....]

German online shoppers

Win the trust of the German online shopper

As a Dutch webshop, how can you still gain trust? The modern consumer is always and everywhere online and due to increasing digitalization worldwide, borders seem to be blurring more and more. A survey published in February by the international accounting and tax consultancy PWC seems to confirm that national borders in online shopping are increasingly [...]

Is your German site ready for Mobilegeddon 2? The German market is!

Mobilegeddon 2 German market

mobile first strategy? Germans use their smartphone daily for almost an hour longer on average than their desktop computer. Not only the length of stay, but also applications have become more extensive. Mobile devices are used not only for communication and social networking, but also for travel plans, navigation and, of course, online searches. Google is capitalizing on this with its new [...]

In 9 steps to the 2016 Shop Usability Award

Shop Usability | Joy of Use

is equally clear and easy for everyone, regardless of the device used. We have collected nine aspects that are important to encourage your visitors to click through just as long until a sale comes about. Daily use increases In 2015, 63.1% of Germans used the Internet daily [...].