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E-commerce in Germany

Germany offers plenty of opportunities for your brand or webshop to significantly grow your online sales and revenue. In this e-learning you will learn why the German market is so promising. Experts will also introduce you to the German e-commerce market, online shoppers and e-commerce laws and regulations, and give you useful tips to successfully set up your online sales in Germany.

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1. Why sell cross-border in Germany?

With more than 83 million inhabitants, Germany is Europe's largest sales market. It is almost five times the size of the Dutch market and total e-commerce sales are three times higher. Therefore, Germany offers enormous growth opportunities for your brand or webshop. An additional advantage is that Germany is conveniently located geographically compared to the Netherlands. That makes it easy to ship your products from the Netherlands to German online shoppers.

However, there are many other reasons why Germany is so promising. What are those opportunities? And what do you need to know about the German online shopping market to cash in on those opportunities? That is what you will learn in this short and practical e-learning. You will also get concrete tips and steps to successfully enter the German market with a well thought-out strategy.

2. Getting started

Do you want to learn how to sell cross-border in Germany? Start learning right away and finish the e-learning with the test. Do you pass the test? Then you will receive a personal certificate that can be shared via LinkedIn!

In addition, Kaufland also has 770 stores in Germany, providing a strong connection to local customers. As a seller on Kaufland, you can also benefit from offline visibility in the physical stores. This can increase brand awareness and boost sales, especially for products that customers see in-store and then order online.

Not only do we help you grow on Kaufland, but with our full-service marketing, we make sure you're all set up for sales. Our native German marketers provide German product data and our translation team helps you get written German customer communications, which is mandatory for Kaufland. Do you also want customers to be able to call?

The Dexport partner network will provide you with a return address and telephone number and we will also help you get an EPR registration and LUCID number so that you can bring packaging to the German market without any worries and thus can sell at Kaufland. If you are going to ship products from Germany and want a German VAT number and/or account number, our Localization Specialist will be happy to help you with that. Together we will conquer the German market!

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Dexport is the specialized agency with years of experience in the German market. With us, you get full service and the best German marketing team for your brand. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in the German market is attractive because of the DACH region, which with 95 million German speakers is the largest sales market in Europe.

  1. NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia): With a population of more than 17 million, it is Germany's most populous state and borders directly on the Netherlands. It is a strategic location for companies looking to reach both Dutch and German customers.

  2. Berlin: Germany's capital city is a vibrant center of innovation, start-ups and culture. Tech, creativity and commerce converge here, making it a hotspot for modern businesses and young consumers.

  3. Bayern: This southern German state is known for its strong economy and high purchasing power, making it an attractive area for luxury brands and products.

  4. Switzerland: With one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, Switzerland offers opportunities for companies targeting consumers with high purchasing power.

  5. Austria: The e-commerce market in Austria is growing rapidly, making it an ideal area for online retailers and companies looking to expand their digital presence.

In short, the DACH region offers various areas, each with its unique opportunities and characteristics for companies that want to target this market.

Germany is a crucial trading partner for the Netherlands and thanks to its proximity, similar culture and efficient logistics, trading is easy. However, it is essential to see Germany as a focus market and tailor your approach accordingly.

To reach German consumers, it is essential to know where they are active and how they make their purchasing decisions. Research shows that 91% of German consumers search via Google, while 73% use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest. In addition, more than 50% buy on marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Kaufland and Otto. In addition to these channels, Germans rely heavily on recommendations from friends and use price comparison sites in their orientation.

Given this diversity, it is crucial to have an effective marketing mix that allows you to reach consumers effectively while strengthening your brand. With us, you get the support you need to make the right choices in this complex market. Our specialized team of German marketers converts the chosen strategy into concrete results. It is worth noting that our marketing team has already worked for several leading Dutch B2C brands.

Being successful in B2B marketing for German companies requires a deep understanding of their information search behavior and decision-making processes. German companies often orient themselves through specialized trade fairs, B2B platforms and industry-specific magazines. Also, LinkedIn and XING are crucial business networking platforms in Germany.

A strong online presence is essential, with SEO (search engine optimization) and SEA (search engine advertising) taking center stage. By investing in SEO, you ensure that you can be found organically in search engines, while with SEA you are directly visible to your target audience in relevant searches. It is important that the content is not only technically optimized, but also matches the needs and questions of German companies in terms of content.

Email marketing with relevant content and building personal relationships are essential in German business culture. Success in this market goes beyond a good product; it requires understanding German business etiquette and demonstrating authenticity. Our B2B team offers the expertise to position you effectively and realize your strategy.

To achieve an authentic German look and feel and comply with local regulations, you need to look beyond a simple translation. There are numerous aspects where we can help you optimize your business and website for the German market.

Our experts will help you with your German website optimization and SEO. If you want to get started quickly, you can thanks to our AI technology. We can translate your website into German in no time. In addition, we will help you set up your website in a legally correct way. You can rent all necessary documents from us for a fixed monthly fee. These include the mandatory Impressum, Datenschutze and documents required for distance selling in Germany. We have an extensive network of German tax specialists and lawyers for specific issues. You can contact us for a German (return) address, phone number, support in establishing a GmbH and EPR registration. In addition, you benefit from discounts on mandatory labels. Our partnership with Thuiswinkel e-academy has led to an e-learning, which all new customers receive, to go deeper into the nuances of the German market.

In summary, we offer a holistic approach, from brand communication to legal support, to position you optimally on the German market. Let us be your guide in this important step.

Working with us at Dexport offers numerous benefits. Since 2006, we have been an expert in the market and have built up a full range of services. We have a unique and highly qualified German marketing team with specialists for all essential channels. The expertise we have built up working with fast-growing crossborder companies and well-known brands directly benefits our clients. Thanks to our extensive market reach in the Netherlands, we have exclusive collaborations with partners on legal/tax matters, EPR, labels, German return address and even our own CrossBorder Event. So we always offer you the best solution for your growth phase.

Our process begins with a personal conversation to determine which services best fit your situation and growth ambitions. After this conversation, you will receive a no-obligation quote from us. We value a proactive approach and strive to provide quality services. Once you are a customer, we regularly ask for feedback. This allows us to monitor how satisfied you are and where possible optimization opportunities exist.

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Joe Merino
Joe Merino
Yvo Batenburg
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Dexport is a highly skilled digital marketing agency with extensive knowledge of the German market/DACH region. Their strategic advice and work in areas such as SEA, SEO and Social Media have helped us achieve excellent results in the German market. We are therefore very satisfied with our long-standing cooperation!
Alpine Hearing Protection
Alpine Hearing Protection
Jan Cortenbach
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At Alpine, we enjoy working with Dexport. A professional organization that supports us in our international expansion.
Tom de Vries
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Dexport helps us excellently with the German issue we have. They come up with good ideas and keep us informed about trends/developments. Executive they are strong and decisive. In short: We highly recommend Dexport!