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Vingino is one of the most well-known Dutch children's clothing brands. It has something to offer for every age, from baby to teenager. The combination of denim fabrics and Italian and vintage influences give Vingino clothing a relaxed look that parents and kids love.


Project overview
The question

Support in the German market

In 2018, Vingino plans to make serious inroads into the German market. The main objectives are to increase brand awareness in Germany, make the web shop meet the needs of German consumers and profitable advertising campaigns. Dexport is asked to provide Vingino with optimal support in this regard.


Plan of action

Each year, Dexport and Vingino jointly determine the goals and which channels will be used to achieve them. In the beginning, the focus is mainly on ad campaigns on branded search terms, search engine optimization and improving German-language communication, so that a good foundation is laid. Later, social media advertising and strategic support will be added. Currently, increasing overall brand awareness through advertising, influencers and marketplaces is the main focus.

Result Vingino

Vingino is gaining a foothold in Germany. In 2021, Dexport achieved sales growth of 45% compared to 2020. This is mainly due to purchasing more traffic through non-branded campaigns and applying new bidding strategies. As a result, Vingino's brand awareness increased significantly.

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