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Lucid and EPR registration

Do you sell products in Germany through stores, a web shop or marketplaces and thus market packaging? Then you are required to join a Dual System such as (step 1) and register with the LUCID packaging registry (step 2). If you sell on marketplaces, you then provide the EPR registration number you receive from LUCID to Amazon and other marketplaces (step 3).

If you don't, you risk an export ban, a fine of up to 200,000 euros and Amazon taking your products offline.

Step 1

Register for free at

You are required to notify a responsible employee of your company when registering on the website.

* Enter Zentek GmbH as your chosen Dual system. Zentek GmbH is the Dual system behind

Step 2 (mandatory!)

Register at (from Zentek GmbH)

You are required to join a Dual system in Germany. Zmart is one of the cheapest Dual systems in Germany with more than 30,000 customers.

* You will receive an extra discount as a Dexport relationship. Use the discount code 'Dexport'

Step 3

Enter your EPR number in your Amazon Seller Account

After registering on verpackungsregister
, you will receive the required EPR number. You enter this number in your Amazon seller account. 

* Enter your EPR number in your Amazon Seller account


Do your packaging returns on time every year!

Each year, report your quantities of packaging to Zmart and to by January 31 at the latest

* Are you late? Register at step 1. After registration, you will help customer service to pass on quantities afterwards. Guse discount code Dexport

To whom does this apply?

The registration requirement initially applies only to producers who use cardboard packaging. So if your brand is on the packaging, it is very likely that you are responsible for recycling and registration. This includes both primary and secondary packaging (shipping packaging). For example, consider shoes in a shoe box. The shoe goes into a shoebox; this is the primary packaging. A number of shoe boxes are then placed in a large outer box, the secondary packaging. From Jan. 1, 2023, EPR registration will also apply to producers of electrical and electronic equipment from the ElektroG, and producers of batteries from the BattG.

If you are not a manufacturer, but you do sell products covered by the EPR regulations, you must request the EPR registration number from the supplier. This is, for example, the wholesaler who has already imported the products. If you do not get the EPR registration number from the supplier, but still sell the products in question, you must register the registration number yourself.