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XXL Nutrition

XXL Nutrition, a prominent name in the sports nutrition industry, started small: 10 jars of supplements in a garage. From these modest beginnings, the company grew into a giant in both online and offline markets. In the Netherlands, they have established themselves as the authority on sports nutrition and health supplements. Their growth is the result of strategic choices and continuous efforts, as expressed by the founder: "Small steps but big plans."

Project overview
The question

Support in the German market

When XXL Nutrition wanted to enter the immense German market, they sought the expertise of Dexport. This specialist in crossborder growth has assisted many companies in their international ambitions since 2006. 


Plan of action

Dexport's approach for XXL Nutrition was twofold: a sharp focus on SEO to increase online visibility and an extensive network to establish collaborations with affiliates and influencers. These influencers, especially the smaller and more credible ones, were used to authentically present the brand to German consumers. In addition, by capitalizing on niches, such as lactose-free shakes, XXL Nutrition was able to clearly differentiate itself in the market.


Results XXL Nutrition

The combination of SEO expertise and influencer marketing through Dexport led to impressive results for XXL Nutrition in Germany. The company not only launched successfully, but also established itself as a leading brand in the sports nutrition sector. The strength of their unique product offering, reinforced by effective marketing, resulted in XXL Nutrition being included in the 2023 Crossborder Top 30. This highlights XXL Nutrition's success and influence in the international market, made possible in part by Dexport's strategic approach.

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