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CrossBorder Insights | Be Careful with Delivery Fees

DM started in the Netherlands and then went to Belgium, England, Germany and France. Beerwulf experienced the power of offline advertising with the Father's Day ads. Spot on TV, BAM traffic to the website with high conversion rates.

Joe Merino | CrossBorder Multichannel e-commerce & branding

Miniature Joe Merino 1

Joe Merino makes wool sweaters, cardigans and shirts for the man who wants to look good, values convenience and doesn't actually like shopping. Marc Sijstra is owner and founder of Joe Merino and talks about opening stores in Belgium and Germany, among other places.

Maxilia CrossBorder Insight - B2B marketing in Germany

Miniature Maxilia 1

Maxilia, corporate gifts for every budget. Hemmy de Heus is Country Manager at Maxilia GmbH and talks, among other things, about the importance of native (German) marketing staff, but that you don't necessarily have to have an office in the country itself.